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The home of Rum and Revolution. Where things do not always go to plan. We spent almost one month exploring as much as we could and could have easily done another.


Hands down the best street food anywhere. This combined with some of the best beaches, jungles and cool colonial mountain retreat towns pit Mexico as an absolute gem of a country.


Volcanoes, charming colonial towns, Mayan culture and astounding lakes made this country one of our firm favourites.


This takes you through all the countries visited so far and the photos of each.

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Our adventure

A little bit about the trip ....
Latin America called and we just had to accept

So we decided to make the big move and quit the 9-5. Best decision ever. We have now settled into our new vagabond lifestyle and are loving every second of it. We both love to travel and this maybe the last big one ... maybe... so we decided to keep a record of all our travels, mainly because I - Kev - will probably forget most of them as I think early Alzheimers may have kicked in already. We hope you enjoy the site and if you have any suggestions please keep them to yourself. Much obliged --- Kev and Hazel

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